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Your Health Is In Your Hands

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety or even just trying to get on a steady diet, its important to remember your overall health goals are within your reach and literally in your hands. By being proactive about your health and wholeheartedly taking control of your situation, you can change the inevitable and start living the life you truly deserve. Let us explain...

Your hands provide assistance for about 90% of the things you do on a daily basis. That ranges from brushing your teeth in the morning, making your coffee before work or hitting the gym and reaching for that weight. Yet surprisingly, although we control most of the things we do on a daily basis so many of us are unhealthy and unhappy. Why is that?

Lets walk through the history of what's likely the source of your health problems and how you can take steps to ACTIVELY change it.

The Psychology Around Habits

Psychology states that about 95% of our daily habits were created through subconscious programming. This programming was installed in childhood from ages 0-7 and ultimately taught us how survive in this world. Without giving it a second thought, we continue these habits into adulthood whether we "like" the habit or not. At this stage, we've mastered the state of survival but if you are living a life that is unhappy and unhealthy, is survival enough?

Moving Out Of Survival Mode

Moving out of survival mode (as it relates to health) can be a challenging and discouraging. Most of us have been repeating the same destructive health patterns over and over again anywhere from 15, 20 or even 30+ years. We know we want to change but more than likely aren't prepared and don't have a solid game plan. If continued, you may feel so fed up that you'll do anything to make yourself feel better, even if its counter productive to solving the root issue.

Before we go through the list of how your hands can help take control of your life, here are 3 major ideas you need to rehearse.

1.) KNOW your know - Before starting on a new goal, know WHY you are doing it and stay focused on that aspect. If we don't know our reason behind what we are doing, we can fall into the trap of never changing. It's helps if you make your WHY very personal, so you can continue on the course.

2.) Be conscious - When you start to take the wheel back to your life, you may encounter some set backs and that's completely normal. Don't let that stop you. Be aware of your negative thoughts and know that those thoughts are just repeating (subconsciously) your old bad habits. Remember, you are not your past or your old habits. You are on a mission to creating the new you.

3.) Have a plan and stick to it - This is going to be your main driver in changing for the better (and being less anxious while doing so). When you have a plan that's premeditated and ready to operate, your shortfalls will be shorter. When you have a "mess up", you can rest assure that everything is going to be okay because you have a plan.

Now that we have covered those 3 areas, lets get into how your physical hands can affect your health.

Reach for the better - Figuratively and physically speaking, always reach for the option that's going to give you the best outcome. If you know you are on a diet, don't let that cheese burger and fries touch your hands, even when the craving pops up. If you know alcohol consumption triggers your depression, be prepared to reach for your favorite healthy drink instead. If you know you get anxious in big crowds, be prepared to reach for your lavender essential oil roll-on to help you stay clam. When you stay focused on your goal but are realistic about your shortcomings, you will always be prepared to reach for the right things.

Proactive Self Care (Products) - It is not a mystery that toxic substances can cause our body stress, diseases and sometimes can be fatal (especially over an extended period of time). Most of these toxins are probably all over your house without you being aware of it. In fact "the average home today contains about 62 toxic chemicals, which is more than a standard chemistry lab", states Robert Hager from NBC News. Another study found that the average woman uses 12 products daily, exposing her to 168 unique chemicals per day.

With that being said, we can start taking precautions and eliminate these toxins from our home by simply not buying them at all. Yes, more than likely we grew up on most of these products but that doesn't make it good for us. For practice purposes, the next time you go to wash your hands, take a look at the soap ingredients and make a decision if that product is proactive to your health and self care routine. If there is no ingredients on the container, take the extra step and look of the ingredients online. You may be surprised.

Proactive Self Love (Massage) - Getting a massage can have tremendous positive affects on your health as it facilitates blood flow, relaxes tense muscles and can even heighten your mood. When preform on yourself, It is an act of self love and can be intimate with the right intention. Love the skin you are in!

For more insights and practice, you can visit our massage chart under the resources tab.

Final Thoughts

With all the information provided, you can see how your daily habits can have an impact on your overall health. If your old habit aren't serving your greater good, its time to take matters into your own hands and physically change them. If you decide not to, you may live life in stagnation; unhappy and unhealthy.

No matter what your overall health goals are, know that you have the power to change them and that ultimately you are in control of everything you touch. If it does not bring value to you, simply DON'T touch it.

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