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Awaken Your Chakras,
Awaken Your Business Potential!

Unlock your business's highest energetic potential!

Did you know that having even just one of your Chakras blocked is enough to set off a chain reaction that disempowers every aspect of your life? Do you crave a deeper level of abundance, success, self-confidence and a sense of truly being in service to humanity through your business but not sure where to start? The solution to all of this and more lies within the Business Chakra Awakening System.


Your Business Chakra Awakening System
Heals Your Chakras In 3 Steps:

Whether you have experience on balancing your chakras or are a complete beginner, we've designed this system to be the most transformational, intuitive and easy-to-use to keep the energy of your business flowing with abundance and success. A healthy business starts with YOUR UNIQUE ENERGY. Its time to get in alignment. 

Lack is the ultimate illusion!

Shift your focus. 

The key to keeping your Chakras open and strong is to honor your daily routine - maintenance is key! In this digital toolkit you’ll find our best tools and techniques to add to your weekly success!

In Business Chakra Awakening, you'll find unique tools and techniques for strengthening and protecting your Chakras. In turn, your business, finances, self-worth, relationships and romances, and even your spiritual wellbeing will transform!

Step 1: Chakra Evaluation 

Answer a series of simple mind-body questions, and you'll receive an instant and highly accurate 'diagnosis' of how energized or blocked each of your Chakras are. It only takes a few minutes!

And remember, since the state of your Chakras are constantly shifting, it's good to keep going back to this evaluation each time you need an energetic tune-up.


Use this tool when you feel resistance coming from inside you, or when you encounter a challenge or change in your life.


Step 2: Business Mindset Mantras

In this downloaded PDF document, you'll find 50 Business Chakra Healing Affirmations spread out across all seven Chakras. Use these in your meditations, visualizations, or even just recite them every morning to keep your Chakras and Business in energetic harmony.

Feel these mantras in your being -That's where the magic sauce lives! Science says when we change our inner reactions (feelings), we change or "rewire" circuits in the brain, which in turn has an affect on a cellular level! 

Step 3: Immersive Guided Meditation

This Immersion Business Guided Meditation takes you on an exhilarating 20-minute journey into your personal energetic ecosystem to energize your seven Chakras from bottom to top.

It’s infused with specially engineered relaxation music that helps you focus - even if your mind has a habit of wandering.

For best results I recommend using your meditation at least once a day for 21 days - with each day "practicing what you preach" and start taking real life inspired action out of love and expansion of your business purpose!

Instead of creating from a mental template of fear and lack, we create directly with the core identity of success and adunace!

Where focus goes, energy flows


Your Business Chakra Awakening System
Heals Your Chakras In 3 Steps:

Chakra Evaluation
and Diagnosis

50 Business

Immersive Guided Meditation