Your Journey To Relaxation Starts Here 

Therapeutic Products Crafted by Nature 

To Help You Relax your Mind, Refresh your Body and Rejuvenate your Soul
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Herbal Infusions 

Get relief anytime and anywhere!

Master set includes: Lavender, Ginger, Rosemary, Copaiba Balsam, Ylang/Ylang and Peppermint

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Foot Refresh

Recharge your tired & achy feet with our refreshing foot soak infused with fresh Organic Spearmint leaf.

Featured Essential Oils: Peppermint and Tea Tree

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Organic Soap Bar

Natural handmade soaps created for all skin types. Featured Soaps: Charcoal, Aloe, Eucalyptus, Floral and Unscented 

Natures Remedies 

We utilize nature to enhance every part of your life!


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to help Simulate The Mind


Mineral-Rich Detoxifying


Salts to Help Renew


The Body


Bioactive Botanicals for Emotional Support.  


Combined Ingredients 

Support Spiritual Alignment & Growth 

Products you can Feel good about

%100 Natural

No Exceptions. Ever! 

Our wish for you is to experience relaxation on the next level.

That's why we are dedicated to giving you the Highest Quality Ingredients available.

Spa and Beauty Products

No Animal Testing

Cruelty Free

Non Toxic

For all Skin Types

Eco Friendly 



Experience at your Fingertips 

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